Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Tags

I don't know, I just started making them for the "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" set and then tried a few more.  A couple of my private clients bought some to go with their formal cards, but I wasn't sure how popular they would be in general.  What do you think - do you like using special gift tags?

Here are a couple I did just to see.....

2014 Holiday Card Collection - Winter-Themed General Cards

I also did several custom orders for sets of general cards, but with a wintery theme.  I used a whole lot of different papers and embellishments - Anna Griffin, Authentique, Dazzles, and some others I am afraid I can't identify.

2014 Holiday Card Line - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Collection

This was a very special project; using the G45 "Twas the Night Before Christmas " Collection, I did a 13-card set, with matching gift tags.  One with the whole poem (and tag), and then a card (and tag) for each day!  I really liked how versatile this set is - they can be used for gifts or hung as a banner, and I have seen tags like these used as tree ornaments!  For someone who likes to be a "coordinated" gift-giver, this is an awesome set - to use for yourself or give as a gift!

2014 Holiday Card Collection - A More Informal Line

So - then I took some of the same materials from Anna Griffin, HOTP Dazzles, and some G45, and did a few less formal cards - they are a little smaller, too (5.5" X 4.25").